Smart Strategies For Furniture Moving Challenges

Posted on: 30 October 2019


Getting ready for a big move can put some big pressure on you, even if you're only transporting your possessions to the other side of town. Thankfully, you know a reputable moving company that can help out for a reasonable fee. But before the big day arrives, you need to settle some questions and concerns regarding the relocation of your furnishings. Here are three smart practices to help you get the best results from your furniture moving crew.

Small to Mid-Sized Furniture: Do Some of It Yourself

It's tempting to stand back and let the furniture movers do all the work, especially when they've got access to vans of various sizes and you only have your car. Even so, you might benefit from hauling some of the more reasonably sized items yourself. Folding chairs, card tables, floor lamps, and other lightweight furnishings can usually be wedged into a passenger vehicle fairly easily—and if you're making a local move, you can carry multiple carloads of such items to your new home before the movers come to claim the big, heavy furniture. this strategy leaves more free space for those items in the van—which in turn means a smaller, less costly van and lower labor charges.

Pianos and Pool Tables: Consult the Experts

Some pieces of furniture are so massive that they deserve special consideration, especially if they contain delicate inner workings. Two sterling examples include pianos and pool tables. A piano can weigh up to 1,500 pounds—but it must be handled with the proverbial kid gloves because even small bumps or jolts can throw it out of tune or damage the mechanisms. A pool table must remain perfectly balanced in order for players to sink shots with any kind of accuracy or predictability, and a wrong move from the movers can render it unusable. You'll want to exclude these two items from the list you provide your furniture moving crew. Rely instead of professional piano and pool table movers who know exactly how to meet the special needs of these items.

Valuables and Antiques: Don't Skimp on the Insurance

You might not worry too much about moving old, rugged or cheap pieces of furniture. After all, your movers carry the necessary rugs, pads and coverings to offer a reasonable amount of protection during transport—and if you've selected your professionals with care, you'll find that they also offer insurance. (Your homeowner's insurance will provide a limited amount of coverage on items you move in your own vehicle.) Just take care that you purchase the right kind of insurance, particularly if you're moving valuable and/or antique furniture. The basic carrier liability insurance offered by movers may be free of charge, but only covers 60 cents per pound of any damaged goods. You're far better off purchasing full replacement value insurance for your prized possessions.

Furniture moving can seem like an intimidating project, even with the aid of skilled movers. Put these tips to good use, and you can smooth that move as much as possible before anyone even lifts a finger!