Heads Up: 3 Tips On How To Properly Pack Baseball Caps For A Move

Posted on: 14 September 2015


You've likely moved homes on average about once every 11.3 years. The problem with moving is learning how to pack everything properly, so they make it to the new destination in one piece and in the same condition. One of the more delicate items to move will be your baseball caps, and Americans love their baseball caps, with 121 million sold each year. If you don't pack the caps right, they'll end up becoming distorted in shape. Here are 3 tips to follow.

Pack Baseball Caps in a Large Cardboard Box or Sealed Plastic Container

Don't just toss your baseball caps into a bag and call it a day. This is a surefire way of ruining them — especially if any of the heavier boxes end up falling on them. Chances are your baseball caps are already broken in and fit on your head perfectly. If you want this to last, pack all of your baseball caps in a large cardboard box or a sealed plastic container. Make sure the cardboard boxes are corrugated, as they offer more support and can absorb more impact without breaking. Work with a moving company to determine the types of boxes that will work best for you.

Label the boxes with the type of caps that are stored inside. This way, you'll be able to easily find what you're looking for when it comes time to unpack.

Stack the Caps to Save Room

Now, simply tossing your baseball caps into a cardboard box will take up a lot of space. So don't be afraid to stack the caps up. It'll save a lot of room. You have two options. One, stack the caps on top of one another or push the back side of the cap to the front and stack them horizontally.

Generally speaking, stacking the caps horizontally is preferred. This is because there will be less friction rubbing against the logo or design at the front side of the cap. This prevents stitching from coming lose and fabrics from falling apart.

Place a Piece of Wrapping Paper Over the Logo or Design

The caps that are stored in the boxes will rub against one another. If you store too many caps together, this friction may end up damaging the design of the hat. If the design on the baseball caps is printed, it may just simply rub off or fade in color. If the baseball cap design is embroidered straight onto the cap, the friction may cause some of the fabric or the stitching to come off.

Place a piece of wrapping paper over all of the designs to prevent them from being damaged during the move. If there are designs both on the front and the back of the cap, take it one step further by simply wrapping the cap entirely.

Toss Dried Lavender Into the Box

Regardless of whether it'll take you a long time to unpack your baseball caps or not, toss in dried lavender. Moths love to lay their larvae in dark places, and your baseball caps will easily become a meal for the larvae. While most people rely on mothballs, mothballs do contain a lot of harmful chemicals that may be irritating to your skin. Dried lavender is just as effective, but it will do less harm. Lavender will not irritate your skin and also smells quite pleasant.

By taking the time to properly pack and store your baseball caps, you can prevent them from sustaining any damage during the move, and you can ensure they'll fit just as perfectly as before. It's worth spending extra time to properly pack the baseball caps — especially if you happen to be an avid collector and have some rare baseball caps in your collection.