Polymer Shelving Systems For Commercial Applications - Great Buying Advice To Consider

Posted on: 28 June 2023


When companies invest in shelving, units made out of polymer are often selected because they have many benefits. In addition to being durable, they're easy to clean. If you plan to buy some of these shelving units for a commercial site, continue reading to find out what to look for.

Make Sure They Adjust

Storage operations around a commercial site can change constantly, especially if your company works with many different products. To support change with polymer shelving systems, get a set that has an adjustable design. 

Regardless of what new products or tools you plan to place on these shelving units, you can adjust the space between each platform. Shelving adjustability gives you added versatility, making it possible to use the same shelving systems over and over instead of buying more. 

Get Wheels 

You may need to move shelving systems in your commercial site occasionally, whether to clean underneath them or make way for new tools and equipment. Easy movement is possible thanks to polymer shelves with wheels at the bottom.

Instead of breaking apart the shelves and moving them piece by piece, you can easily glide them as a whole unit to any location. You won't expend a bunch of energy or get hurt doing so. 

Review Available Space

Your commercial site only has so much room available for polymer shelving systems. So that they fit through entry doors and fill their assigned space perfectly, see how much room you have to work with around your building. 

Fortunately, polymer shelving units come in many different dimensions thanks to the versatility provided by manufacturers. If you're worried about getting a proper fit, map out different shelving sizes around the target setup site and see what fits the best. 

Choose Vented Platforms to Avoid Dust Buildup 

Dust is something you'll likely contend with a lot around your worksite, especially if you work out of a factory or warehouse. Dust won't create major headaches when you clean polymer shelving systems if you get some with vented platforms. 

Where dust collects on solid platforms, it will fall to the ground when you have platforms with a vented design. That means easy and quick cleaning for you and your staff. Just ensure the openings aren't too big to where tools and equipment would fall through. 

Polymer shelving units are durable and versatile. You can buy a great set if you carefully review your storage applications and get features that align with them perfectly. For more information on polymer shelving, contact a professional near you.