Tips To Prepare For A Successful Piano Move

Posted on: 14 January 2022


Pianos are large and delicate items that can be quite pricey. Whether the one in your house is an heirloom or meant for practice at home, you don't want to risk damage to it when you're moving house.

The good news is that several moving companies offer piano moving services to meet the needs of clients with pianos in their homes. However, these services are usually charged separately from the cost of moving regular household items.

To make your piano move easy and stress-free, here are some things you should do before the day of the move.

Inspect Your Piano

While it's important to trust your mover, something might still happen to your piano during the move. For this reason, you'll want to confirm that the mover delivered your piano in the exact condition it was before the move.

The best way to do this is to take before and after pictures of the piano so you can see if it has suffered damage from the move.

Find Out If You Need To Buy Insurance

While many piano movers insure against damage that may be caused to their clients' pianos, such insurance is not often comprehensive. To protect yourself against financial losses that may arise if the mover accidentally scratches or drops your piano, you'll need to have adequate insurance.

Before the day of the move, find out how much insurance you may need to purchase to get the compensation you deserve should something happen to your valuable possession during the move.

Share Details About Your Job

Just as you need to inform your mover about all the personal and household items you want them to move to a new house, you'll need to tell them all the important details regarding your piano too.

Sharing vital information such as the type and size of the piano you have, where it is located, and the dimensions of the doors and hallways the piano will have to pass through will go a long way in helping your mover estimate the size of your job and plan for a successful move.

Compare Pricing

Once you have shared all the important deets about your job, it makes sense to ask about pricing. But you may be surprised at just how greatly prices can vary from company to company.

To get the best deal, request quotes from multiple moving companies near you. When comparing those quotes, don't make a decision solely based on who is quoting the lowest or highest price. Instead, consider who is offering the highest value for your money.

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