4 Ways To Eat Healthy During Home Moving Days

Posted on: 22 December 2015


As you prepare to move from a home, your life is literally turned to chaos. The normal routine is thrown out the window as you pack appliances, pantries, and a number of kitchen items into moving trucks. Instead of heading to the closest drive-thru, you can stick to a healthy diet by properly planning meals and being ready for the days ahead. Use the following four methods to ensure that you can still eat healthy as you move into a new home.

Small Appliance Options

When packing up items, it's OK to leave a few small appliances behind. These appliances should easily fit into your vehicle, so they can stay past the point of a moving company. When you hire a moving company, it's important that you request these items to stay so that you have a few cooking options.

One of the most ideal small cooking devices is a toaster oven. Toaster ovens often have multiple functions. This includes the ability to bake, broil, and toast. This allows you to cook healthy meals, bake casseroles, and serve your family with a full meal. Along with the toaster oven, you can purchase paper plates and disposable cutlery to make eating and cleaning hassle-free.

The Plastic Storage Bin

Collect all of your food storage containers in one plastic bin and turn it into a place for quick access to food and snacks. These bins are great for storing fruits, salads, and deli meats. By filling the bottom of a large plastic bin with ice, you can have fresh access to the food for a few days. Aside from the bin, you can also keep the storage containers in a larger cooler so that the ice will stay solid for longer.

Along with meal options, there are a number of dry snacks you can keep in these containers. Healthy cereals, trail mixes, beef jerky products, and popcorn all make great snacking options. Use small labels to mark each storage container. Keep the bins in the trunk of your vehicle so you have access to food no matter what home you are at.

New Kitchen Preparation

As you plan out specific details with a professional moving company, such as you Wheaton World Wide Moving, can select unpacking options. If you want to be able to prepare healthy meals as soon as possible, then request that the kitchen is unpacked first. By assigning spots and locations, movers can set up appliances, install refrigerators and fill the cabinets with pots, pans, plates, and cups. The extra service will save you a lot of time and help remove the temptation of getting a quick meal.

After the kitchen, the dining room is another area that you should have set up. This allows you to have a place to eat and you can celebrate the new home by enjoying a healthy meal. The ability to have everything set up gives you extra time to shop for ingredients and pick out the perfect recipe.

New Area Exploration

If you are moving a good distance away from your old home, then you can take a little detour to explore the nearby area and discover healthy meal options. One of the first areas you should look into are any local farmer's markets. Finding a new farmer's market can give you access to fresh fruit, vegetables, and other local items.

Other areas that you can look into include local supermarkets and restaurants with healthy meal options. Not only will you get to eat healthy and avoid bad foods, but you can learn a lot about the new area where you are living. Some of the movers may also have tips and suggestions for places to eat near your new home.

Using professional movers will give you extra time to focus on eating healthy. Look into full-service moving plans and how they can help you with your moving needs.