A Guide To An Eco-Friendly Move For Your Office

Posted on: 23 June 2017


If you're now making arrangements for the relocation of your office and you are concerned about doing so in an environmentally friendly manner, it is important to note that there are a variety of options to choose from. For instance, it's now possible to rent reusable plastic totes, some of which are made of recycled plastic. In addition, moving companies often use an environmentally responsible type of fuel for their trucks or vans or in some situations, the use of hybrid vehicles for office relocations might be feasible. Therefore, when you want the move to be as environmentally responsible as possible, you need to be aware of the information discussed below.

Choosing The Right Type Of Totes

Although the concept of re-using paper boxes is a good one that has served many people and homes well over the years, there have been some challenges associated with their use. One obvious challenge is the limited number of times that a cardboard box can be used prior to being damaged. In addition, due to the construction and quality of cardboard, it can be recycled a maximum of four times before being rendered unusable.

Therefore, plastic totes are a popular option that can carry lots of weight and that, with proper care, use, and storage, can last a significant period of time. Since there have been known risks associated with plastic and not all manufacturer's create it in a responsible manner, it's best to verify that all items are securely wrapped and that the containers in question are free of the potentially problematic synthetic compound, BPA. In addition, you can also find those rental totes that are made of recycled plastic, further extending their use and preventing unnecessary waste production.

Opting For Vehicles That Are Kind To The Earth

Given that big vehicles are so often not very fuel-efficient, moving can be quite challenging to persons dismayed by the issue. Fortunately, you have the option in many areas of choosing movers who use vehicles that are a step above the big trucks you might otherwise expect.

For example, you might see that those professionals use a biodiesel or other alternative fuel in lieu of standard gas or diesel. Alternatively, you might also be able to find that hybrid vehicles are available for your move. While hybrid cars and similar automobiles have been in use for many years now, there have been recent developments that now permit larger automobiles to benefit from the technology. Therefore, whether everything from your office will take up the back of a few moving trucks or if everything you need to move can be transported in the back of a sedan, the options exist for eco-friendly moving vehicles.

In conclusion, environmentally friendly relocations of offices and other professional facilities are not only possible, they are a viable and convenient choice in many areas. Therefore, if that option is important to you or to the company you represent, it's a good idea to speak with local movers, such as Redondo Van & Storage, about the above examples of eco-friendly moving techniques and choices.