Moving While Homeschooling? Prep, Packing, and Movers

Posted on: 23 February 2021


Do you need to move in the middle of your child's homeschool or cyber school year? Take a look at what you need to know about home classroom prep, packing, and moving.

Do You Need to Hire a Professional?

While a do-it-yourself move may seem like a money-saving option, you likely need extra help right now. Between your own work schedule and your child's at-home schooling day, you may not have enough time (or energy) to handle an entire move solo. A professional moving contractor will lift, carry, organize, and transport everything for you. This eliminates the need to rent pricey moving equipment or waste time picking up and returning a van.

When Should You Schedule Your Move?

Don't let the move disrupt your child's school day or school week—if possible. This means your ideal move day is a Saturday or Sunday. Even though the weekend is the best time to move with a home- or cyber-schooling child, it's also one of the busiest times for moving services providers. Schedule your move as soon as possible to avoid potential schedule mishaps and increase the likelihood of getting your pick of weekend days.

How Should You Prepare for Your Move?

If your child needs Internet access for their homeschool classes, working Wi-Fi is a crucial part of their educational day. This makes a constant connection crucial. Wait to turn off your current service until after you move out of your home—and start your new service a day before your move-in date (if possible).

Along with Wi-Fi, you also need to make sure your child has somewhere to work in your old home and the new one. Pack their homeschool "classroom" last. Mark everything clearly with a homeschool, classroom, or home office label. Ask the movers to keep these items together and (when possible) bring the furniture, boxes, and bins into your new home first.

How Should You Pack for Your Move?

You've booked a moving day with the contractor and have a prep plan ready to go. Now it's time to take the next step and pack. Again, pack your child's homeschool room last. Leave daily use items such as your child's laptop, notebooks, binders, and pencils out of the moving boxes and bins. Pack these supplies in a bag or other container to take with you in the car.

Some furniture may require disassembly to move easily by yourself. But if you work with local movers, you can get help with taking apart a desk, bookshelf, or chairs. Ask the movers it's possible to transport some of these items as-is.