7 Services You May Need From A Long-Distance Mover

Posted on: 9 August 2021


Long-distance moves are complicated affairs. Without the right help, you may struggle to facilitate your move without making costly mistakes along the way. When you move across the country, the services of a reputable long-distance mover are invaluable.

If you are thinking of hiring a long-distance mover to take care of your move, then here are seven services to look for when choosing your mover.

1. Storage options

Long-distance movers offer long and short-term storage options. This is advantageous when you need some time to settle into your new home and area because you can briefly store some of your possessions until you need them.

2. Packing and unpacking

Long-distance moves often take days to complete. If you don't get your possessions packed in time for your move, you could waste too much valuable time. You can hire long-distance movers to pack your things for you.

3. Packing supplies

Using the right packing supplies and padding is important when you are moving interstate. By using the packing materials provided by a mover, you can lower the chance of your possessions suffering damage on the way to your new home.  

4. Handling of heavy furniture

Heavy furniture is difficult to load into a truck. And loading furniture so that you don't take up too much space on the truck is difficult. Long-distance movers usually have more than enough experience to handle and load heavy furniture efficiently.

5. Handling of fragile items

Transporting fragile items over a long distance without damaging them requires skill. If you find a long-distance mover who can handle fragile items like pianos and pool tables, you won't have to worry about damaging your fragile items on the way to your new home.

6. Cleaning

One of the additional services that long-distance movers sometimes offer is cleaning. After you have moved out, your moving service can hire cleaners to clean your new home and remove any rubbish. This is an important service if a new tenant or owner is moving in soon after your move.

7. A full-service move

The best service offered by long-distance movers is a full-service move. The service means that your mover will take care of most aspects of your move, including packing and unpacking, assembling and disassembling furniture, and loading and driving the truck to your new home.

If you're getting ready for a long-distance move, consider hiring a long-distance mover. The best long-distance movers offer an array of services to help you move without the many responsibilities overwhelming you.